Health Care Canada

All Orane International students are required to have health care coverage while they study in Canada

Provincial Health Coverage – MSP

Anyone living in British Columbia for 6 months or longer are required by law to enrol in their provincial health authority’s mandatory universal medical plan and pay the required premiums All provinces in Canada have similar requirements

In British Columbia, it is referred to as MSP (Medical Services Plan) All new residents of British Columbia must wait for a mandatory 3-month residency period before being eligible to apply, however we recommend that you apply immediately after arriving in Canada

The three-month waiting period is the rest of the month in which you arrive in BC, plus two full calendar months For example, if you arrive in BC on August 25, you are eligible for MSP coverage starting November 1

We can assist you with your MSP application on your first day of classes

Effective January 1, 2020


  • $75 health-care coverage fee per month If your family is with you in Canada, they will only be assessed the new health-care coverage fee if they also hold study permits If they hold work permits or are here as visitors, they will not be assessed the fee

These fees are subject to change Check the MSP website for more the most up to date information:


If your family members plan to reside in BC for six months or more, they may also be eligible for MSP

If your family members arrive in BC with you (i.e. within the same calendar month), you can all use one enrolment form to apply for MSP Simply fill in your family members’ information on the online form or the second page of the paper form

ONLINE FORM: https://my.gov.bc.ca/msp/application/prepare

PAPER FORM: www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/health/forms/102fil.pdf

If your family members arrive in BC at a later date (outside of the same calendar month), you can use the MSP Account Change form to add them to your existing MSP Visit the Forms for B.C. Residents page to complete your family’s enrolment (you can do so online or by mail)

FORMS FOR B.C. RESIDENTS: www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/health/health-forms/msp/forms-for-bc-residents#maintenance/a>

Remember to include photocopies of every family members’ Canadian status document (e.g. a study permit, visitor record, or work permit) valid for six months or more in the application Some visitors will have only an entry stamp in their passports; photocopy this as their status document

Also remember that your family members also need to go through the three-month waiting period and should purchase a temporary health insurance for that period (See Guard.Me information below)

To remain eligible for MSP, you need to live in BC for a minimum of 6 months in one calendar year If you are absent from BC for more than 6 months, you may need to re-apply when you return to the province and go through the approximately 3-month waiting period again

For example, if you live outside of BC between May and December in 2019, you may need to reapply for your health insurance However, if you are away from BC between September 2019 and April 2020, you remain eligible for MSP because you are only absent from the province for 4 months in each calendar year
For more information, visit the MSP website –


Guard.Me Private Insurance Coverage –

During the 3-month residency period, students are required to have private medical insurance We recommend Guard.Me as Orane International’s Canadian private insurance provider

  • As the leading provider of international education insurance to public and private universities and colleges, Guard.Me has earned a reputation as a market innovator in protecting the best interests of students, faculty members and educational institutions
  • Guard.Me prides itself on staying ahead of the curve — always open to new ideas and better approaches to protecting and serving plan participants and their institutions
  • Guard.Me was first in the industry to offer multi-language translations of policies, secure online services for enrolments and claims, insured security evacuations for outbound study, and mobile device apps for participants and institutional stakeholders They’ve been the people to trust for international education insurance for almost two decades They’ve made it their business to be the experts and innovators in this field, doing everything possible to make the insurance process smooth and simple for everyone

For example, Guard.Me understands the processes used to insure participants must minimize effort and labour for the institution’s staff, while maintaining accurate and reliable invoicing and records They are committed to providing excellent service and support to the end user – our students

  • Guard.Me offers a wide range of program features and benefits for colleges and universities, including:

Web-Based Functionality:

Guard.Me has a proprietary Web-based administration system to manage enrolment, claims adjudication and payments They can integrate your reporting requirements into their online system — streamlining administration and reducing paperwork With secure online access, you can print ID Cards, verify coverage, add coverage and verify enrolment details


Their priority is to safeguard the confidential information of their clients, schools and insured participants As an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, they have multiple protocols in place to safeguard all information They comply with all privacy regulations, including having employees sign a Confidentiality Statement when they are hired The Website and online database are secure, and all data is encrypted and can only be accessed through security codes Guard.Me does not release any claims information to anyone other than the participant or provider without their written consent

On-Site Staff Support and Orientations:

Throughout the year, Guard.Me can provide staff training sessions at our discretion They develop and deliver their sessions with Orane’s full involvement to ensure the sessions meet the specific needs of staff, students, and other relevant stakeholders

Flexibility in Overall Design:

Guard.Me’s strength is flexibility Whether you are interested in a specific policy plan design or simply need administrative alignment with your internal systems It can all be tailored to your specific requirements Since they design, deliver and implement all aspects of the insurance experience

Claims Procedures:

All claims are processed within a guaranteed turnaround of seven days All claims are verified by confirming coverage in their database prior to processing Claims are randomly audited on a daily basis They also have an annual Claims Audit each year, as well as an annual ISO Audit that encompasses a Claims Audit

Preferred Provider Network & Direct Billing:

  • Guard.me maintains a preferred provider network of over 250 clinics and hospitals across Canada This allows participants to receive professional medical service and have Guard.me billed directly with no upfront payment by the participants
  • Participants may still seek medical care at any facility – there are no restrictions or requirements for seeking medical care at one of the Preferred Providers
  • Guard.Me does what it takes to earn your trust and keep it They believe insurance is more than I.D. cards and policy numbers It’s a relationship It’s a matter of trust It’s knowing you’ve made the right choice

Please speak with your admissions representative for more information about how to enrol